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Browser Versions

Our website should work correctly with virtually all modern web browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0+
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  • Google Chrome

Other versions or browsers may not work with this website in part or in whole. If you want to try an older version, or a web browser not listed, you are welcome to try, but be aware that some functionality may degrade, and you might lose your work or test results or have some other difficulty. Our recommendation in that case would be to upgrade your browser or install one of the web browsers listed above.

We would be interested to hear your reports on browser support. We don't currently offer support, but your reports will help us improve. If you have any comments, please let us know at problems@memorista.com. Don't forget to include in your report which browser you're using, the exact version number of your browser, and your operating system version.

Javascript and Cookies

This website uses Javascript and Cookies, so you need to keep these enabled in your web browser for memorista.com. If you don't, various parts of the website will not work. Please consult your browser's documentation to find out how to enable these if you have switched them off.