How do I improve my rank?

Your rank is based on how many votes you got for mnemonic suggestions and comments you posted in the past 7 days / 30 days / 90 days respectively. You get +1 for each "Vote Up" for one of your comments, and -1 for each "Vote Down".

We recognise our Most Valued Posters on the homepage, and we also highlight their usernames on their suggestions and comments for as long as they are listed on the homepage.

You can help increase your rank and aim to make the Most Valued Posters list by simply doing two things:

  • Post only high-quality suggestions and comments - that other users will "Vote Up" rather than "Vote Down".
  • Encourage other users to do the same by voting on other user's suggestions and comments. If you think a mnemonic suggestion or comment is a good one, please take a second to hit the Vote Up button (the + link). If you read what you think is a poor mnemonic suggestion or comment, hit the Vote Down button (the - link).

You can vote once on as many suggestions and comments as you like (but you can't vote on your own posts).

Q. I'm listed as unranked!

A. That means that either you didn't post anything in the past 7 days/30 days/90 days, or nobody voted on your comments.

Q. I voted for some comments recently, however, it made no difference to the homepage Most Valued Poster list!

A. The Most Valued Poster list is only calculated every few hours. Other than that, perhaps the votes you cast didn't make a difference to the rank?