What is this website, anyway?

Simply put, we've built a revolutionary system to help you learn foreign vocabulary quickly and easily. We've coupled traditional flash card learning with mnemonics, or memory aids, to help you to memorise each item quickly and easily, and we've surrounded the whole thing with a system to help your learning progress.

Why should I care?

Our system represents a revolution over any fixed, offline or book-based collection of mnemonics. You won't find our collection of features anywhere else. Anyone with a need or wish to learn foreign language vocabulary should look here:

  • if you're a tourist who is going to spend a foreign city break and would like to know some vocabulary,
  • if you're a student of a particular language,
  • if you just want to learn foreign language vocabulary for the thrill of it,
  • or if you just want to show off and impress your friends!

Right, then. How does it work?

The mnemonic technique is an incredibly powerful way to memorise anything and have been used since medieval times. If the French for "key" is "clé" (pronounced "klay"), you can simply imagine that your keys are made of clay, and they turn to mud if you get them wet. Read more here: What are mnemonics?

The problem arises when you want to learn a lot of stuff. First off, you need to sit down and think of mnemonics for each item you want to learn. But because the mnemonics themselves also tend to slip your memory unless revisited occasionally, you need to write them down and prompt yourself to look over them.

Or you could get someone to do all that for you, which is what we do for you. We've put together vocabulary from a number of languages into categories which we call “Card Packs”, and then we created a number of mnemonics for each item, and put it all in this website for anyone to use.

Not only that, but because some mnemonics may not suit your style, tickle your funny bone in the right way, or maybe are just too weird for you (or not weird enough!):

  • in most cases we provide multiple mnemonics, and you choose which one you want to use. And failing that,
  • we give you the same tools we ourselves use to come up with the mnemonics to create your own mnemonics should you wish!
  • You can even share your own ideas for mnemonics for an item with the community, and in turn
  • view and be inspired by suggestions made by others.

A truly belt-'n-braces approach to mnemonics, you might think. But we're not finished yet.

  • The system looks at your choice of mnemonic over time, and if you're having difficulty remembering an item, will advise you to switch to a different mnemonic.
  • And finally: our system tracks the effectiveness of each mnemonic over the whole population of users, and then ranks them according to how effective they are, so that when you have a choice of more than one, the most effective one is listed first.

(Of course, you can just simply ignore the mnemonics totally and just use our system as a repository of flash cards. But we think you'd be missing out!)

OK then, I'm convinced. How much does it cost?

Nothing. We're offering this system for free.

Great! So, what do I do now?

You can simply dive right in from the home page – select a subject/language you're interested in and choose a card pack that interests you. The website is fairly straightforward to use, but we have also written context-specific help pages to explain what you're looking at - you'll see links to these help pages as you use the site.

Typically you will firstly choose “Learn” to go over the cards first and commit them to memory using the mnemonics supplied with each; then at a later stage, go back and choose “Test” to see how much you can recall.

We would encourage you to Register as well (it's free). After you register and login with your registered user name, you get the following additional benefits:

  • we can track your progress and show you how well you're doing over time
  • we can show you which languages and card packs you are using and when you need to revise through your personal Memory Dashboard, which you can access from the home page.
  • custom build your own mnemonics
  • select which cards you want to learn
  • add your own cards.

We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page for more general questions.