Help: Learn Card Pack

The first step for you with a new card pack is to "Learn" the cards in the card pack. From the Learn Start Page, you have a couple of options. Either click the big "START" button, to go through the cards in order, from the start to the end; or, if you're interested in a particular card, click the number beside any of the listed cards.

Start Learn page

You're then shown each card, and a mnemonic. Use the mnemonic to help you memorize the card: imagine the mnemonic as clearly as you can in your mind before moving on (click the "NEXT" button). And so on, until you get to the end. You also have the option of clicking "PREVIOUS" to revisit a card.

example of learning a card

Other Mnemonics

If you're logged in, and there are more mnemonics available for the card, you can see them by following the "View the other mnemonics ..." link.

See Other Mnemonics link

The screen then refreshes to show you all available mnemonics. Review them, see which suits you best, and click the "Preferred mnemonic?" radio button: clicking the radio button saves your preference, such that when you subsequently learn or test, that particular one is shown to you.

Preferred Mnemonic radio button

Adding A New Mnemonic

You can even add your own new mnemonic should you wish. Click the "Add" link and follow the instructions there.

Add a new mnemonic link


Don't forget to check the comments section: other users may have left comments about how they memorize this card, and you can follow their example, or leave a comment of your own.

Revisit As Often As You Need

Don't think that you must only "Learn" once, and that's it. If you want to refresh your mind, revisit the Learn pages as often as you need to.