Help: Test Card Pack

Testing your recall of the cards in a card pack starts with the Start Test page. You will be shown one side of the card, and your goal is to recall correctly the other side.

Which Cards Will I Be Tested On?

If you're logged in:

Your previous history of testing with this card pack will determine which cards you're shown. You'll only be tested on those cards which you're finding more difficult (although occasionally, cards you know well are part of the test, to keep your memory fresh.) In this way, the system helps you concentrate your effort rather than waste your time on cards you already know.

If you're not logged in:

The system can't keep or access your history, so you'll be shown all the cards.

Choose How You Want To Be Tested

You need to decide whether you're to be shown the Fronts, the Backs, or a Random selection of front or back. Click one of the three big buttons to signify your choice.

Choose test type buttons

The Question

Then you'll be brought through the cards in order. For each one, you will be shown one side of the card. When you're ready, click the "SHOW ANSWER" button.

test question example

Your Answer

You'll be shown both sides of the card. You need to answer (honestly!) whether you recalled correctly or incorrectly (click the appropriate "CORRECT" or "INCORRECT" button).

test answer example

If You Were Correct:

If you recalled correctly, you'll be brought directly to the next card.

If You Were Incorrect:

If you got it wrong, you'll be shown the mnemonic for that card again. Take a moment to visualize the mnemonic, and refresh your mind.

answered incorrect example

Like on the "Learn" pages, if there are more than one, you can opt to see all mnemonics at once and you can then choose a different preferred mnemonic if you wish; or you can add your own. Click the "NEXT" button when you're ready to move on.


Don't forget to check out the comments, if any, to see how other users get on with this card, see if anyone has any good suggestions for mnemonics, and add your own suggestions.

Skipping The Rest Of The Test, If You Want

You can skip to the end of the test by clicking the "End Test" link.

Pause Test

There's no time limit to tests: you can take a coffee break and close your browser during a test if you wish. Simply login again, go to Memory Dashboard, and you will see a link allowing you to start this test from where you left off. Starting a fresh or different test removes this link.