Halloween Special: Ghostly Mnemonics

To celebrate Halloween, here is a list of mnemonics to help you memorize the word for "Ghost" in a number of languages. (Translations provided by Google Translate)


Turkish: hayalet

A straightforward mnemonic: remember the ghost in HAmLET (HAyaLET)


Swedish: spöke

Imagine that the SPOKEs of your bicycle's wheels are haunted by ghosts. As you cycle along, they moan and wail in a ghostly way.


Finnish: aaveen

Remember the spooky poem by Edgar Allen Poe, "Quoth the rAVEN" (aAVEeN)


Hungarian: kísértetet

Imagine you KISs a ghost (KÍSértetet)


Welsh: ysbryd

You buy a haunted loaf of BReaD (ysBRYD) and make a sandwich out of it, which moans/wails etc.


Filipino: multo

Imagine someone with a haunted MULLET hairstyle (MULTo)


Icelandic: draugur

You're being attacked by a ghost with a DAGGER (DrAuGuR)


Now you're ready to earn your "treats" at the doorstep with this "trick"!



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