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There's a good writeup of on Lifehacker, here. Thanks, guys!

If you've just arrived from Lifehacker, welcome to the website. We hope you get some value out of our free service.

What we do different here is tie together a flashcard system with mnemonics in a free system that is customisable by you. We also throw in, for free, actual mnemonics that you can start using straight away. Most vocabulary items have more than one mnemonic - if you register with the site, you can see these extra mnemonics - and choose which suits you best.  You may or may not decide to use any of them, and if you don't, we help you write your own.

The system also incorporates a training and learning plan that is based around spaced repetition and we have a Memory Dashboard - again, for registered users - that allows you to track your learning progress over time.

We've just got five languages here for now, but our plan is to expand this depending on demand, so let us know at what you would like to see.

This site is purely for very casual language learning needs. It is not a replacement for more formal language learning methods. But you may find it very useful if you need to pick up a few words of a language prior to a foreign trip.


Ad-Free Accounts Offer

If you'd like an ad-free account, we're extending our previous offer for the next week only. Simply mention and link to us from your blog or website and you'll qualify for an ad-free account. Click here for further details and terms of the offer.


Let's Get Started then ...

The following links will be helpful for you to get started:

Then you might look at how you Learn and Test yourself through this website.

There's also the obligatory FAQ ...

Finally, you should Register (it's free) - loads of extra functionality becomes available when you do, including being able to track your progress and create/modify your own stuff.




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