Naughty Mnemonics

One of the most powerful types of mnemonic is one that is just plain naughty; they just seem to stick in your mind like glue. Naughty mnemonics for learning language vocabulary are not for everyone though, and at we don't provide offensive or obscene images for public consumption.

But nothing is stopping you from creating and saving your own naughty mnemonics here for your own consumption! Whatever naughty mnemonic helps you to learn language vocabulary is fine by us. Once you register, a raft of new functionality becomes available, including the ability to save your own mnemonics, which are private to you and not visible to the other users.

We found a few funny videos on YouTube that illustrate what we mean ... the clips come from a comedy show called "TV Funhouse" on Comedy Central. Be aware ... they ARE offensive so you've been warned!





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Has anyone checked out the vocabulary

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