Cool new feature: We remind you what and when to study

There's a great new feature now available to registered users. We can send you an email reminder at an interval you choose, to revise your chosen vocabulary.

Regular revisit of your chosen vocabulary will help you achieve your study goals.

Not only that, but the reminder advises you what exactly you need to study, based on what we calculate you are least likely to remember now. We work this out based on your test record and the length of time since you last visited.

Check it out! Go to your Memory Dashboard, login, and at the bottom of the page you can setup email reminders. New registered users default to being reminded every week, while existing users are not reminded - but you can all change that to whatever interval you want, or not to receive email reminders at all.

If you're not registered yet, take the time to do so now, so you can take advantage of this straight away. Registering is free, super-fast and extremely easy!


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A small bug in the email system stopped these reminders being sent out properly, but it's fixed now guys.

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