Why You Need to Understand And Use Mnemonics

This site is all about using the mnemonic method to help quickly learn a few words of a language you are a total beginner in, so you can feel more confident in a foreign language situation (perhaps on a weekend trip abroad), or maybe if you're starting to learn a new language, even if you're just learning languages for the thrill of it to impress your friends!

But it's a great technique to know and understand for life in general. Mnemonics can be used to remember all sorts of things, not only language vocabulary. You won't always have a smartphone to hand, or feel it appropriate to use, to do a lookup and translation - and anyway, relying on a technological crutch will probably deny you actually learning anything.

You can use the technique to remember arbitrarily long lists of things (e.g. a shopping list), people's names, telephone numbers, and pull off seemingly impossible stunts like memorizing the order of an entire deck of cards. The scope of this quick article doesn't reach to detailing how to use mnemonics to do all that - maybe we'll cover that in a later post! - but the technique behind these feats is still the mnemonic method.